Website Settings

Site Identity

In this section you can manage Header Fixed image, Site Title  and  Site Tagline    and Site Icon.

Note ()


In this block you can change three section’s color: (Theme color, Header Text color and background color)
Please follow the instructions which are given below:

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > General Settings > Colors.
Choose the color for site background from Theme color picker, Header text  color  from color picker and background color from color picker option.
Choose the color as your wish.
After, click on Save & Publish button.
Manage Background

Go to Dashboard >Appearance > Customize > General Settings > Background Image.
Click on Select Image button.
Upload or choose an image for your websit background. Once select image then visible many settings about background image.
Then, click on Save & Publish button.
Website Layout

Go to Dashboard >Appearance > Customize > General Settings >Website Layout

Now you can choose Full Width Layout and Boxed Layout
Static Front Page

Go to Dashboard >Appearance > Customize > General Settings >Static Front Page



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